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Solution Street can provide assistance with renovating software. Often referred to as refactoring or migrating, software occasionally needs to be renovated to accommodate your organization's changing needs. Since business logic has been built into the software already, renovation may use different technologies or platforms to implement the software in a way better suited for your organization.

Renovation extends the life, usefulness, and value of an organization's investments in legacy applications. Renovation of applications reduces the risk and time-to-market of supporting new business initiatives. It includes porting existing applications to the web by re-architecting application code to permit new uses and integration of process-related applications that are technologically diverse.

Solution Street has expertise in migration to web-enabled applications and, by using Enterprise Application Architecture, connecting disparate systems.


Our staff is well-versed in the Unified Model Language (UML) - an industry standard for defining business problems and articulating complex solutions. Solution Street is proficient in all aspects of software development and understands the importance of configuration management, regression testing, performance testing, and load testing. Our expertise in building systems includes design through production.

We have vast experience with setting up development projects and offering advice on development tools and related processes.


Solution Street has expertise in enterprise integration architectures - whether it's integration of a COTS package with legacy systems or integration between key systems. Our solutions take advantage of current industry trends to select the one solution for you.

Our staff is experienced in building custom integration code (Java), application programming interfaces (APIs), remote procedure calls (XMLRPC/RPCs), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Java remote method invocation (RMI), message oriented middleware (MOM), Web Services, and using EAI software by vendors such as WebMethods.


After projects are successfully completed, they require staff to assist in maintaining these applications. Often in-house staff is moved to other projects or leave the organization. Solution Street can help maintain existing systems and even investigate poorly documented systems, properly document them, and help transition to new staff to free your current staff to focus on other application initiatives.

Types of Engagement


If you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to complete your custom development or integration project, we can help. We provide a custom built team with experts to complete your project on time and on budget using our proprietary methodology.

Outsourced Development

If you have a business problem that needs solving, we can build, test, deploy, support, maintain and operate your custom application.

Offshore Rescue

After working on dozens of offshore projects over more than 10 years, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work. Unfortunately, lots of projects that shouldn’t be done offshore are, and businesses are suffering because of it. In addition, projects that can be effectively offshored are suffering from a lack of proper process and discipline. We can help! Solution Street has rescued many client projects from their offshore failures. In some cases we installed better processes and fixed poor architectural decisions. In other cases, we assisted in bringing the work home. In one case, we helped our customer pick a new offshore provider and developed a hybrid model – a logical split between offshore and local work

Staff Augmentation

Solution Street provides the right experts at the right time. Whether it be a senior Java architect or Ruby on Rails guru or AngularJS expert, we have the engineers you need when you need them.