Company Profile

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Judi Sheppard Missett started the fitness revolution in 1969 when she created Jazzercise. Today she runs the company as CEO and Founder and continues to teach classes every week. Her daughter, Shanna Missett Nelson, is the President and also an instructor of this company led by strong, active women.

Business Situation

Jazzercise, a major player in the fitness industry, had an aging Franchise Management System. Solution Street was initially brought in to replace a small portion of the system and integrate with a Commercial off the shelf system (COTS) solution for a billing platform. When the COTS vendor failed to deliver on their promises, Jazzercise was faced with a difficult situation - their existing system would only be supported for six more months and it needed to be replaced. Staff members familiar with the system were concerned it couldn't be done, that it might be an impossible feat. The Solution Street team looked at the problem and found a way to deliver by the deadline. The team worked tireless hours to make this happen for our customer. Over the past six years Solution Street has assisted Jazzercise with modernizing and reimagining their systems. .

Technical Situation

Transitioning away from a legacy of a very large and complex custom system developed in end-of-life technologies, Jazzercise wanted something new and innovative. Jazzercise sought a company to help them build the next generation of systems that would help them thrive as a company and embrace their tried and true processes. .


Based on their reputation for delivering high quality, innovative results, Jazzercise came to Solution Street to build their next generation of products based on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and MySQL. Solution Street managed the team initially using Agile Methodology and, while working hand-in-hand with the Jazzercise staff, created a fully functional Franchise Management, Customer Ticketing and Billing System.

Here is a video from our 15th anniversary where some of our Jazzercise customers talk about our project and team.


By using the Agile Methodology and the architecture set up by Solution Street, Jazzercise is able to adapt to new and changing requirements quickly with production builds released every month. Jazzercise franchises are now able to use the system to manage all of their customers and billing needs, where previously many franchises needed to use manual systems l and other billing solutions to satisfy their needs. .

Technologies, Products and Services Used

Running on the Google Cloud Provider Infrastructure, Jazzercise uses React.js, Ruby on Rails technology with a MySQL database. Jazzercise leverages Stripe for its credit card and ACH processing needs via its REST API, and is a SAML identity provider to allow other line of business systems to authenticate with it.

Moving Forward

With our latest changes, Jazzercise franchisees can now check-in their customers on almost any device and seamlessly schedule their classes and make them available to current and potential customers !